Development Academy

The Development Academy, hosted by Cincinnati United Southeast, (The competitive division of GSE) offers training to all our Trappers, Shooters and Passers age groups on Friday nights for 6 consecutive weeks, minus major holidays during the Fall and Spring seasons.

This is an individual player and team training event for your daughter, her team mates and coaches, allowing everyone the opportunity to be involved in the Development Academy. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that everyone take advantage of this extra training!

The GSE/CU Academy Training is the next step in providing a greater experience for current players within GSE. The Academy Training is a player first event and individuals or teams will be grouped together and trained by professional coaches from Cincinnati United, to include some of the most qualified coaches in the region. Many of whom have backgrounds at the collegiate, professional and international level, creating a fun, up beat learning environment.

The Academy Training can be used in addition to your regular training. However, your team will also have the option to replace their teams training session with our Academy Training depending on available time and field availability.

In addition, your GSE coaches are encouraged to work alongside our professional staff, making this a unique learning environment for all parties involved.

We encourage everyone to participate in this event as a team or individual.  Again, this opportunity is provided at no extra cost, and provides a great opportunity for your daughter and her coaches to continue to improve through professional training.

We are extremely excited about the Academy program and hope to give everyone the opportunity to develop as players and coaches.